Syrian man gets life in prison for making bomb component

Nov 7, 2018

A Syrian man was sentenced to life in federal prison for his conspiracy convictions for making circuit boards that were used to remotely detonate roadside bombs in attacks against U.S. soldiers during the Iraq War

Boston Marathon bomber's friend deported to Kazakhstan

Nov 2, 2018

Immigration officials say a college friend of Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been deported to his native Kazakhstan after he was convicted of concealing evidence in the case

Official: Pipe-bomb suspect had hit list of targets

Oct 29, 2018

An official says the man suspected of sending pipe bombs to prominent Democrats and other opponents of President Donald Trump kept a list of elected officials and others who investigators believe were intended targets.

Synagogue massacre defendant appears in court in wheelchair

Oct 29, 2018

The suspect in the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre has been released from a hospital and turned over to authorities for a court appearance Monday afternoon

FBI had plenty of clues on pipe bomb suspect

Oct 29, 2018

FBI uncovered bomb suspect's ID with DNA, fingerprint clues soon after pipe bombs surfaced.

Many of bomb suspect's conspiracy theories tracked Trump's

Oct 27, 2018

Mail bomb suspect Cesar Sayoc appears to have lived in a hallucinatory world

AP FACT CHECK: Did Trump think mail bombs were liberal plot?

Oct 27, 2018

AP FACT CHECK: Trump seemed drawn to theory that mail bombs were a liberal plot

Mail bombs inject national security into 2018 campaigns

Oct 26, 2018

A spate of suspicious packages containing crude pipe bombs sent to prominent Democrats and CNN has injected national security into the final two weeks of the midterm elections

Trump signs new Hezbollah sanctions bill in anti-Iran push

Oct 25, 2018

President Donald Trump has signed legislation imposing new sanctions against Hezbollah, the Iran-backed terrorist group behind the 1983 Beirut barracks bombings

AP source: Package intercepted in Delaware mail facility, addressed to Joe Biden, similar to those containing bombs.

Oct 25, 2018

AP source: Package intercepted in Delaware mail facility, addressed to Joe Biden, similar to those containing bombs.

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