Trump says peace talks with Taliban are now "dead"

Sep 9, 2019

President Donald Trump said Monday that U.S. peace talks with the Taliban on ending the war in Afghanistan are now "dead."

Trump calls off secret meeting with Taliban, Afghan leaders

Sep 8, 2019

Trump says he's called off a secret Camp David meeting with Taliban and Afghanistan leaders

Taliban suicide bombing kills 10 near US Embassy in Kabul

Sep 5, 2019

Taliban suicide car bombing rocks Afghan capital near US Embassy; at least 10 dead, 42 wounded

Afghanistan airstrike haunts Germany, 10 years on

Sep 4, 2019

Lawyers for the Afghan survivors of a 2009 NATO airstrike say they are still seeking adequate compensation for their clients and a criminal prosecution of the German officer who ordered the bombing

2 WWII bombs discovered, defused in German cities

Sep 3, 2019

German authorities say two World War II-era bombs found in two major cities have been successfully defused and disposed of

Large blast in Afghan capital targets international compound

Sep 2, 2019

Large blast in Afghan capital targets international compound while US envoy visits Kabul

Feds: Man plotted NYC knife attack in name of Islamic State

Aug 30, 2019

A 19-year-old New York City man has been arrested on allegations he told an undercover agent he wanted to commit a knife or bomb attack on behalf of the Islamic State group

Hong Kong police and protesters clash, ending violence lull

Aug 24, 2019

Hong Kong protesters have thrown bricks and gasoline bombs at police, who responded with tear gas, as chaotic scenes returned to the summer-long anti-government protests for the first time in nearly two weeks

Afghan official: Wedding attack's death toll rises to 80

Aug 21, 2019

Afghan official: Death toll in Kabul weekend wedding attack rises to 80 as US-Taliban talks resume

US envoy to resume talks with Taliban on ending Afghan war

Aug 20, 2019

US envoy to resume talks with Taliban on ending Afghan war, days after horrific wedding attack

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