War And Unrest

Afghan official says death toll in mosque blast climbs to 27

Nov 23, 2018

Afghan army spokesman: Explosion at mosque inside army base in eastern province kills 27 soldiers, wounds 57

Parliament committee find security services problems

Nov 22, 2018

A major British parliamentary report has found that security services and police shortcomings led to missed opportunities to possibly prevent last year's lethal extremist attack at Manchester Arena

US and South Korea to scale back major military exercise

Nov 21, 2018

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis says the United States and South Korea have decided to scale back a major military exercise next spring to avoid setting back diplomacy over North Korea's nuclear weapons

Trump says he plans to make his first visit to a war zone

Nov 21, 2018

President Donald Trump says he intends to make his first visit to a war zone to visit deployed troops

Australian PM accuses Muslim leaders of denying threat

Nov 21, 2018

Australia's prime minister has accused senior Muslim community leaders of "continuing down a path of denial" after they refused an invitation to a meeting to discuss the threat posed by Islamic extremists

3 men charged with planning mass killing in Australian city

Nov 20, 2018

Three men inspired by the Islamic State group were charged with planning a mass-casualty attack in Australia's second-largest city

New assessment: 'Little clear progress' in Afghanistan war

Nov 19, 2018

A new assessment of U.S.-led efforts to compel the Taliban to negotiate a peace deal in Afghanistan says there has been "little clear progress" in recent months

Remains of US soldier killed in Korean War identified

Nov 19, 2018

The remains of a U.S. soldier killed during the Korean War and recovered 17 years ago have been identified as those of an upstate New York man

Utah mayor killed in Afghanistan had 'loved Afghan people'

Nov 17, 2018

A Utah mayor killed while serving in the National Guard in Afghanistan has been remembered at a public funeral as a man of commitment, confidence and compassion

Experts weigh the record of Cambodia's Khmer Rouge tribunal

Nov 17, 2018

Experts consider the costs and benefits of Cambodia's Khmer Rouge tribunal, which has tried and convicted a total of three defendants over nine years at a cost of more than $300 million

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