War And Unrest

The Latest: Iran says 'sham' US policy to reap 'ill rewards'

May 21, 2018

Iran's foreign minister has taken to Twitter to criticize a speech by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that took a hard line on the Islamic Republic

Afghan official: Taliban kill 5 workers clearing land mines

May 21, 2018

Afghan official says Taliban insurgents ambushed, killed at least 5 members of a demining team in southern province

4 years after coup, Thailand wearies of junta rule

May 21, 2018

Four years after seizing power, Thailand's junta has a singular success it never hoped for: uniting a politically divided nation in growing dissatisfaction with the thin-skinned rule of the generals

Manila takes non-confrontational stand vs China in sea feud

May 21, 2018

The Philippine government is taking "appropriate diplomatic action" to protect its claims in the South China Sea but did not elaborate or name China in a non-confrontational policy "to avoid drawbacks"

2 injured in multiple bombings in Thailand's troubled south

May 21, 2018

Thai authorities say suspected Muslim insurgents set off small bombs at about two dozen location in the country's deep south, wounding two women

US office overseeing fight against IS gets reprieve

May 21, 2018

State Department office overseeing the fight against the Islamic State will stay in business at least until the end of the year

US anti-IS office gets reprieve as Syria pullout accelerates

May 20, 2018

The State Department unit overseeing the fight against the Islamic State group will stay in business for at least six more months

Gunman blasted through door, lingered for about 30 minutes

May 20, 2018

Texas school gunman blasted through classroom door, lingered for about 30 minutes

US criticizes China's militarization of disputed waters

May 20, 2018

The Pentagon has criticized what it called China's "continued militarization" of island outposts in the disputed South China Sea, where the Chinese air force landed long-range bombers for the first time, putting entire Southeast Asia within their range

CIA's Haspel can tap undercover work in Russian operations

May 19, 2018

Scrutiny of Gina Haspel's CIA career has been focused on her role in the agency's former harsh interrogation program, but it's her experience with Russian operations that she will tap as she takes over at a time of rising tension with Moscow.

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