Maggie Flanigan Studio Highlights Role Of Acting Conservatory Programs

April 02, 2020 - /PressAdvantage/ - New York, NY based Maggie Flanigan Studio is reaching out to actors to increase awareness of the important role that acting conservatory programs can play in their lives. In particular, the seasoned acting academy is pleased to highlight the success of Jessalyn Wanlim, a former student who is now engaged on Canadian television show ‘Workin’ Moms.’ They believe that communities of student and career actors across the country can benefit from observing how professional actor training can elevate their skills and propel them forward in the industry.

Prior to landing this role, Wanlim studied at Rutgers in the theatre department with Maggie Flanigan. This experience instilled several fundamental approaches to acting in her that she relies on to this day. She is able to almost effortlessly bring out the best in her performance and completely inhabit the role of Jenny Matthews, a new mom who is not too keen on her newfound parental responsibilities and the challenges they represent. Created by writer, actress and comedian Catherine Reitman, the show explores how Jenny Mathews and her friends deal with the challenges of being working mothers. Workin’ Moms primarily focuses on the characters played by Catherine Reitman, Jessalyn Wanlim, Dani Kind and Juno Rinaldi, who play the moms at the center of this series.

When it first premiered on CBC Television audiences were able to tag along as Wanlim’s character, Jenny, took her first steps into the role of motherhood. The series has always seen the value in honesty since its inception, which is why it strives to realistically portray the obstacles that young mothers have to overcome even as it weaves an engaging story for its audience. Wanlim herself states that she appreciates the fact that Jenny is an accurate and unaltered reflection of some of the issues that real-world mothers in such positions face.

Echoing the training that she received at Maggie Flanigan Studio, Wanlim underscores the fact that Jenny is difficult to like at first glance. She is a complicated person with a seemingly unconventional perspective of motherhood and her place in it. However, Wanlim also believes that her portrayal of Jenny helps bring out a side of the character that audiences can empathize with. She is quoted saying, “Jenny, on paper, is a very complicated person. You don’t like her to begin with. But, for some reason, whenever she comes to life when I’m rolling on camera, she’s a misunderstood human being. She just has a different perspective and point of view on how she approaches everything and her attitude towards it. Granted, she has some selfish moments. But I think, inevitably, that’s what a lot of women struggle with in not necessarily fitting the norm. I think a lot of people can actually relate to this character.”

Reitman’s Workin’ Moms became a surprise hit for CBC after it aired in 2017. It was praised for its funny but realistic portrayal of new motherhood, as depicted by the lead cast, and a part of this success is likely due to Wanlimm’s ability to bring out multiple aspects of her character’s personality with a nuance that audiences appreciate. In turn, this skilful portrayal is grounded in her history as a student actor taking part in acting programs in New York.

Maggie Flanigan Studio has a proud history as New York’s most respected professional acting academy. Founded in 2001 by Maggie Flanigan (and now led by Charlie Sandlan), the studio focuses on bringing the advantages of the Meisner Technique to its students. This technique, developed by Sanford Meisner, teaches actors to inhabit the personalities of their characters as thoroughly as possible, letting their own biases and beliefs fall away in the process. This allows for a much more fleshed out portrayal as actors react and show emotion exactly as their character naturally would. This technique is evident in Wanlim’s own acting, and it is telling that her performance resonates so well with audiences despite her character’s initially unlikeable demeanor.

As Maggie Flanigan Studio states, “Talent is important, but it is not nearly enough. To build a successful career, the best artists in all mediums have a solid technique that becomes second nature and serves as the floorboard for their talent. It’s this belief that has given the Maggie Flanigan Studio the reputation for producing well-trained, professional actors who can craft a role. Trained actors know how to create rich, organic and experiential behavior, consistently. But equally important, our actors also possess a strong work ethic, an inviolate sense of truth and a passion for the art of acting: qualities we believe to be essential for a successful and respected acting career.”

More information can be found on the acting studio’s website, and interested parties may reach out to Charlie Sandlan to follow up on any further inquiries. Read further here: Acting Programs New York.


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