Three C Body Shop Emphasizes Value of OEM Parts and Why They Are the Most Cost-Effective Option

April 02, 2020 - /PressAdvantage/ - Three C Body Shop, whose website can be found at, only uses OEM auto parts and has announced an explanation of why they are more cost-effective than third-party options. Prices tend to go up each year and many people look for the cheapest option that is available to them and auto parts are no exception to this. OEM auto parts are more expensive than cheaper imitations and the company wants owners to understand that trying to save money in this way can be a false economy in the long term.

The first major difference between OEM and imitation parts is very simply the quality. An imitation part may look the same, but it is unlikely to be made of the same quality materials or to the same exacting standards stipulated by the vehicle manufacturers. Safety in a vehicle is of paramount importance to both the manufacturer and the owner of the vehicle. The high standards demanded by manufacturers are there for a reason and very often the reason is one of safety. OEM parts have been tested and can be trusted to perform safely under adverse conditions.

Owners often think that they have got a good deal if they can pick up a cheap replacement part but if it is a critical part of the vehicle then that might be a false economy where safety is concerned. OEM parts have been tested by the manufacturer. Cheaper third-party parts have not.

It is not just the quality of a component that can lead to problems. It is, of course, possible that a cheaper part may last as well as an OEM one, but it is far from a given and an owner has no way of knowing whether it will or will not. Durability is yet another important aspect of the exacting standards demanded by vehicle manufacturers. If a part wears out much faster, then it is obviously a false economy because the cheaper parts need to be replaced more often. OEM parts nearly always last much longer than their cheaper counterparts.

In this modern, interconnected age in which people find themselves it will come as no surprise that high-tech electronics and computer systems now play a major part in almost all vehicles sold. Manufacturers tend to use proprietary systems within their designs and third-party manufacturers will almost certainly not have been given access to the code that makes such systems work in harmony with each other. A modern vehicle is full of sensors that all collect data needed by the vehicle’s on-board computer. It is obviously critical that these sensors read the information accurately and only OEM parts can give that guarantee.

While on the subject of guarantees, using a non- OEM part in a critical system such as, for example, the hydraulic system could even invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty. It may seem like overkill to many that a manufacturer specifies, again, for example, a particular brand of fluid to be used. The reason is simple. It is because that fluid is guaranteed to work the way it should within the system. It is often tempting for an owner to use a cheaper substitute but if that substitute fails to perform to the same standard then it could end up damaging the system and that potentially could be a very expensive false economy as well as being a safety issue.

Whether it is a matter of safety, quality, durability, or compatibility, Three-C Body Shop recommends that any vehicle owner chooses the safest and best parts for their vehicle and that in its opinion means choosing recommended OEM parts

The Three-C Body Shop was established and opened in Columbus Ohio in 1956. Since then the company has expanded and now operates two body shops: one still in Columbus, and another in Chillicothe. The company has invested heavily in modern technology as well as implementing quality training for all its technicians.

Anyone wishing to find out more about the services offered by Three-C Body Shop can do so by visiting the company's website.


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